How to Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

If you are planning to make a Plant nursery, spring-flowering bulbs would offer a colorful display when you need the most by doing a very little effort. In this article, I would like to share a few instructions when you are ready to add springs bulbs to your yard.

How to Plant Spring Bulbs, First of all, choose a healthy bulb and avoid all withered, spongy, or moldy bulbs. Small bulbs would be less expensive with fewer flowers but with the passage of time, these bulbs will mature in three or four years. Plant nursery After that select an appropriate location and don't overlook a spot that seems perfect just because it's a bit shady in the fall. Keep in mind that the bulbs do not like to sit in wet soil. Always choose a place that's well-drained to prevent the rotting. Plants bulb as long as the soil is soft enough to dig a hole

Mostly in the cold winter. However, they have more time to begin growing roots if planted before mid-November. Purchase a pre-chilled bulb if you are living an area having freezing winter then you don't have to plants these bulbs until early spring. Plant with the printed side up to makes you able to see some shivered plants on the flatter side. Plant bulbs to a depth of about three times their diameter can be planted to a depth of three to four inches. 

Mix some bone meal or superphosphate into the soil will encourage strong root growth. You can mix in some water-soluble fertilizer but it is not very important if you already have amended your soil. Replace the soil on the top of the bulb will make them able to close any air pockets. After doing all this you would be well rewarded for your effort